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  • 25


  • Organisation: YogiLab
  • Certified Breath Coach
  • Organisation: YogiLab
  • 9D BreathWork Facilitator
  • Organisation: PROSCI
  • Change Management Practitioner
  • Organisation: Center for Creative Leadership
  • Creative & Organizational Leadership


About me

In this day and age of constant stress, mounting pressures and unprecedented challenges, 9D BreathWork is emerging as a powerful tool for positive change in your private and corporate environments.

You or your company are subject to unhealthy relationships, burn-out, chronic stress, decrease in productivity, high staff turnover, physical and mental hyperactivity, depression and anxiety, grief and loss, childhood trauma, suppressed emotions, limiting thoughts, self-sabotaging patterns, addictions, chronic pain, fears and phobias, ... ?  9D BreathWork helps in reducing or simply suppressing these symptomes.  

Rooted in the belief that a dysregulated nervous system and unresolved trauma are at the heart of many of our struggles, 9D Breathwork provides an immersive experience designed to tackle these issues at their core.

9D Breathwork aims to heal the soma – the body – which is the physical manifestation of the subconscious mind. By engaging the body through specific breathing techniques, the practice releases trapped emotions and instigates a profound healing process. 

The effectiveness of 9D Breathwork is further enhanced by its multidimensional sound experience, which includes 9D sound technology. This creates a vast and immersive auditory landscape that enriches the somatic journey, fostering deeper mental imagery and emotional engagement. This auditory landscape is layered with guided vocal coaching, which provides a narrative to navigate the inner workings of the mind, confronting fears and blocks that may otherwise remain hidden.

The inclusion of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy techniques adds another layer to the process. By using specific language patterns and suggestions, these techniques work to subtly rewrite limiting beliefs, biased minds and negative scripts that have been internalized over a lifetime. The result is not just a temporary relief but a potential long-term transformation of one’s outlook and psychological framework.

Beyond these specific 9D BreathWork objectives, my second, but as important objective, is the adoption of appropriate breathing techniques in day to day live.  20% of adults are facing breathing disorders and BreathWork provides them with the tools to improve their physical, mental and emotional health.      

I'm a certified Transformational BreathWork Coach, combined with expertise in change management and in depth experience of corporate challenges.  My tailored services are carfted to help teams and leaders to excel in corporate environments, whilst maintaining well-being.  But it all starts with YOU, the individual person.   

If you want to hear more about BreathWork for corporate and private use, please reach out.  


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  • English



Years of experience

  • 25

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